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Review: iOS 7 on iPhone 4S

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Last month Apple launches iOS 7 a new OS for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. iOS 7 is entirely re-designed with a new user interface and many more features. By updating your device to iOS 7 you will feel like that you own a brand new phone. Isn't this amazing? If we see the competition among smartphone companies, Apple deserve to get the more points as  it gives more good user interface and features than other smartphone companies. 

As you turn your iPhone to iOS 7 and the moment you will run it, you'll just say that its simply different if we compare it to all previous iOS updates. This free update changes every menu, every option, every app. Even Siri has become an entirely new person, with new thoughts and a new voice.

Its user interface has now become much flatter, all the core features have changed which brings a brand new experience for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Yeah its little bit late but finally we are able to get iOS 7 running on iPhone 4S which is simply incredible. 

New Features:

Control Center 

iOS 7 brings a new Control Center which was not in the iOS 6, to open it you just have to swipe up from bottom of the screen and it doesn't matter where your are on your device. As you swipe a semi-tansluscent menu will appear which contains toggles for Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and others; sliders for volume and screen brightness; audio controls; and for some reason, shortcuts to the calculator, flashlight, and timer.

Earlier to use all these you have to go into the depths of the Settings menus to toggle them. But with the Control Center you'll be easily able to access to the controls and apps you always seem to need this second. And moreover you can also shine a light on things with a new torch.

Now you just have to swipe to change whatever you want as you can Turn on or off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb. Lock your screen’s orientation or adjust its brightness. Play, pause or skip a song.

Battery Life

We always want to have a good battery life and this iOS 7 update has not bring much battery life of iPhone and iPads users. Those who have updated there iPhone to iOS 7 are reporting issues regarding the battery life. 

But don't worry there are many ways and tricks via which you can preserve your iOS 7 battery life. Here are some of them :

  • turn-off the background app updates
  • disable push notification
  • turn-off Parallax 
  • turn-off brightness
  • disable location services and many more


From the beginning, Multitasking have been a smart way to switch between apps and is really improve in the new iOS 7 update brings a much better functionality than iOS 6. You just have to tap the home button twice and you will see screen of apps you have open. And if you wanna get rid of any of them you just have to swipe them away. 

And to navigate through the applications you just have to swipe your finger to left or right. This will give you a cool intertial scrolling effect where in the icon associated with each application smoothly glides into place directly below its corresponding "card."
Along with that it brings intelligent schedule updates i.e it schedules updates during power efficiency, say if your device is on and connected to Wi-Fi than your battery will not drained unnecessarily.


Siri has become an entirely new person, with new thoughts and a new voice. As we all know from sometine Siri has been the the runt of the Apple pack. Siri's beta tag was ripped off like a sticky band-aid: It's refined and polished, and, above all else, it works. No longer is Siri frustrating to use — the intelligence assistant has "grown up" to accommodate a vast array of different features and services, including hardware support.

Notification Bar

As you see its notification bar, you'll come to know that a lot like its predecessor in iOS 5 and iOS 6. It will give you all details including: new emails, missed calls to-dos that need doing and more. 

A new feature is included dubbed as Today which will give you a convenient summary of, well, today. The best thing of notification bar is that you can easily access it from any screen, including the Lock screen. Just swipe down. And get up to speed.

It will allow you to toggle among 3 tabs, to have a look at items specifically for today, all your notifications or the ones that you've missed over the past day. But to dismiss them, you have to do the same thing i.e have to go under the all section and clear them by app.


From the beginning iOS has been an excellent operating system and with this update of iOS 7, we really don't think that any other operating system can give these features and looks. The one thing which we don't like much is Siri, Apple must work on Siri it could get better and more better and if it happens so then you'll be able to do everything on your phone with your voice.

 So what are you waiting for? Just quickly grab this new OS and experience its all new features.

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